Question. Can you play music for all ages ?

All our DJs are professional full time Disc Jockeys,We always carry a good selection of music as the most important factors in presenting a memorable night, and special attention is payed to ensure that the music suit's the occasion and the requirements of the guest's. A full dance floor is always the aim, and if that means playing some more unusual tunes, then so be it. Every effort is made to play all request's. We can provide music to suit a wide variety of ages and tastes, or alternatively we are equally at home catering for a narrower age band concentrating more on one particular era.


Question. Have you ever had to cancel a disco?

No Never. If you have previously had a disco cancel on you usually the case is somebody quoted you a fairly cheap price, then realised that they could get more money elsewhere and so made up a story to cancel. 95% of the people who ring up and say " Can you do a disco to night we've been let down" when asked what price they had agreed to play the original 'Disco' come up with a price considerably less than the rate a professional would have quoted. If, an unforeseen event was to occur, any quality DJ would ensure that you were not let down and a replacement DJ would be guaranteed!